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Parylene is amazing

Tricky surfaces and structures e.g. sharp edges, undercuts and small gaps can be coated evenly using Parylene.

Highly corrosion resistant

Excellent chemical and dielectric barrier properties

It hardly absorbs any water and it is resistant to the diffusion of water

It is suitable for coating electrical components and assemblies

Low surface friction

Parylene Coatings
Conformal coating that completely seals and protects your products from chemical attack,dust, humidity and UV-light.  

Cleaning using residue free HFE/HFC processes available for dirty or greasy substrates

Plasma pre-treatment is available if required using a large range of diverse processes

Parylene deposition machines grow the polymer on the device surface one molecule at a time.

Parylene Coating Vapour Phase Deposition Advanced Cleaning Plasma Pretreatment
Aviation Medical Devices Electronics Military and Defence LED Lighting
Aviation Electronics
Avionics are extremely sensitive to condensation and oscillation. Parylene helps to protect safety critical circuits. This reduces the risks associated with premature failure.
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Medical Devices
Medical instruments and implants benefit from a fully biocompatible coating which makes it possible to produce health enhancing products. They can be used to insulate electrical components, add lubricity and improve biocompatibility.
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Parylene has the ability to make electronic devices last much longer due to the ability to coat the circuit boards and their components conformal and completely without any pin holes. The components are effectively sealed inside the coating..
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Defence and Military
Military hardware must not be allowed to fail at the critical time. A parylene coating can help to harden the military hardware against environmental effects.
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LED Lighting
LED Lighting is the future of light. The high expectations are often compromised due to the need to protect delicate electronics. Parylene can help extend the life of LED lights.
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Can be used with metals and plastics

Parylene Coating Specialists