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Electronics are prone to humidity and dust and require a lot of care and protection to last longer.

Preserving historical Artifacts

Items made from Iron or with delicate fabric structures e.g. paper and textiles lend themselves well for preservation using Parylene. Displayed items that would suffer from dust and exposure e.g. gold/silver artifacts and animal specimens can be made easier to clean, look better and last longer.  

Cleaning Services

Your products are only as good as their surface preparation. To ensure the best possible adhesion to Parylene we use a state-of-the-art  cleaning process.  This is also available as contract cleaning service.

Analytical Services

We offer analytical services including SEM+EDX analysis of surfaces for possible contamination. Most product issues can be diagnosed using this equipment and numerous additional analytical methods.

New coatings are constantly being developed to meet your requirements.

Parylene Coating Specialists

Excellent thermal stability up to 450 °C

Excellent dielectric and chemical barrier properties

It is USP Class VI biocompatible. It is resistant to strong acids and alkalis. No known solvent can remove Parylene once it has been deposited

It withstands humidity and dust  and protects sensitive electronics and any other materials from rough environmental conditions

In one process operation thicknesses from 0,1μm to 50μm can be applied

Parylene coating effectively protects all electrical devices such as mobile phones, circuit boards and semiconductors. It is extremely thin and durable. It acts as a moisture barrier against water and many chemicals.

Electric Motor Components

Miniature components such as MEMS and transducers

Power Supplies and Regulators

Circuit boards

Satellite and Space Systems