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HFE/HFC Cleaning
Parylene Coating Plasma Coating HFE/HFC Cleaning Plasma Treatment

Contract Cleaning

We use the most modern cleaning technologies based on HFE solvents and aqueous processes. Using modern equipment we ensure that the parts to be cleaned become spotless.  As a result we are able to produce an extremely clean surfaces.

We meet MIL JS-STD-001 according to IPC standards.

Printed Circuit Boards

Surface Preparation

Medical Instruments and Implants

Our advanced cleaning technology is ideal for preparing parts for a subsequent coating such as Parylene.

In many cases residual solder flux and other contamination can affect the quality and life of a Parylene coating. We will often recommend cleaning circuit boards to maximise their service life.

Manufacture of instruments and implants often leave residues that can be poisonous or effect the functional properties of the device, leaving an extremely high surface tension.

Using our HFE Cosolvent process removes all machining lubricants and other residual materials and particles.   

Electronics used in Aerospace, Solar and Automotive applications need to have a long service life. Often corrosive materials are left on the surface from the assembly process.

These are effectively removed using our cleaning methods.

Parylene Coating Specialists